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  • News from REN HQ...

    We have spent the last 15 years building solid foundations for REN but we believe it’s time for the brand to go to the next level. So, we’re excited to announce that REN will soon be a part of Unilever. Unilever is a great company with great principles and we believe they're the perfect partner to help REN fulfill its future potential worldwide. REN will continue to be run from our lovely Marylebone offices with the same lovely team and we remain committed to continue to bring you your favourite REN products with the same clean formulations developed in line ...

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    03 March 2015 | Comments (0)

  • Recommend a friend!

    We love hearing about how you discovered REN and, more often than not, there’s a REN-using friend or family member involved! We spoke to friends Simone and Lisa to find out how a simple recommendation changed their skin for the better.

    Simone – “I discovered REN through beauty blogs. I’ve always been interested in skincare, and I found that REN products were full of amazing ingredients that were both kind to skin and effective. I sometimes find that ‘natural’ brands are full of natural ingredients which, while being kind to skin, are often not all that great in treating problematic ...

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    26 February 2015 | Comments (0)

  • Emerald Street

    At REN HQ we’re big fans of Emerald Street, the daily email for women. Filled with style, culture and opinion, it’s the perfect way to take five minutes out of our day.

    Plus, should you needed another reason to sign up, Emerald Street are giving away 5000 samples of Keep Young and Beautiful™ Instant Firming Beauty Shot for free! 

    “When we’re busy, we’re all about the fast, effective beauty treatments that make a big difference with minimal effort. That’s why we’re excited about REN Skincare’s Keep Young and Beautiful™ Instant Firming Beauty Shot, available nationwide.
    The gel serum lifts ...

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    25 February 2015 | Comments (0)

  • A makeup artist’s approach to skincare

    Los Angeles based makeup artist and groomer Lucy Halperin has worked with Sam Taylor Johnson, Steve Carrell, Julianne Moore and Sophie Dahl. Since settling in Los Angeles, Lucy has developed a collaborative working relationship with esteemed photographers such as Mary McCartney , Greg Williams and Tierney Gearon. We caught up with Lucy to find out more about her approach to makeup and skincare.

    “Skin is everything; if your skin is clear you look and feel healthier and more youthful. So, when I start a makeup look, the most important step is to prep the skin first to create a great ...

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    17 February 2015 | Comments (0)

  • My Perfect Perfume Partner: Moroccan Rose Otto Sugar Body Polish

    The authentic essence of rose in our Moroccan Rose Otto range smells beautiful alone, but it can also compliment your favourite perfume. We asked fragrance expert and journalist, Katie Puckrik, for her top tips on layering scents:

    The scent of the rose dazzles me like a goddess, and comforts me like a mother. The flower's bearing is queenly, and the slip of its petals across my skin lulls me, rendering me seduced and soporific. So it's no wonder Moroccan Rose Otto Sugar Body Polish is my favorite beauty product, and that's including strong competition from all of its irresistible ...

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    04 February 2015 | Comments (0)

  • What Makes You Happy?

    At REN we think there’s nothing better than feeling happy in your own skin and, to deliver this philosophy, we enlisted the help of renowned photographer, and REN fan, Rankin to create a film. You watch it here.

    So today, in collaboration with ELLE Magazine, we’re spreading a little happiness at the ELLE HQ where we've created a pop-up REN Spa in the ELLE Fashion Cupboard. We asked ELLE Associate Health & Beauty Editor, Amy Lawrenson to share with us what makes her happy, but we want to know what happiness means to you too. Head to our social ...

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    28 January 2015 | Comments (0)

  • 4 ways to achieve firmer, plumper and healthier looking skin

    Wondering how Keep Young and Beautiful™ Instant Firming Beauty Shot fits into your skincare routine?

    Our skincare expert and REN Ambassador, David Delport, suggests 4 ways to include Keep Young and Beautiful™ Instant Firming Beauty Shot in your regime for firmer, plumper and healthier looking skin. 

    For mature skin: Apply a few drops at night onto clean skin. Keep Young and Beautiful™ Instant Firming Beauty Shot will also dramatically increase the efficacy of your anti-aging products to maximize long term effects. 

    For a quick firming program: Apply onto clean skin morning and night over 5 days ...

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    16 January 2015 | Comments (0)

  • Autumn Skincare

    As we move into autumn it’s time to think about switching up your skincare routine for the new season. We asked our experts for their best tips to keep skin healthy and beautiful as the temperature begins to drop.

    Creator of REN Spa Treatments, Marielle

    ‘When the cold threatens it's time to up your cleansing routine. If you have taken it a little easy on this front over summer, now is the time to reintroduce proper cleansing and maybe even switch to a Cleansing Milk or Hot Cloth Cleanser. Used at night AND in the morning too, they will ...

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    02 October 2014 | Comments (0)

  • Backstage with Amy Dickson

    To celebrate the launch of her new album ‘A Summer Place’ which is out this week, we asked long-time REN fan and classical saxophonist Amy Dickson to be our latest guest blogger. A huge success in the classical music industry, Amy was nominated for a Grammy award and last year won the ‘MasterCard Breakthrough Artist of the Year Classic Brit Award’. 

     As a classical saxophone soloist I find myself performing often in different venues; in different parts of the world; and with different orchestras. Like many other soloists, I have a number of rituals which help me to prepare ...

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    26 August 2014 | Comments (0)

  • REN at Wilderness Festival

    This year we had our signature REN facials on offer in The Sanctuary areas at the fabulous Wilderness and Somersault festivals. We asked festival-goer Charlotte Tobitt to give us the highs and lows of her experience at a somewhat washed-out Wilderness Festival this year.

    Wilderness Festival is so much more than a music festival and it really does feel like you step into the wilderness, escaping the the real world and entering an alternate reality. 

    After arriving on Friday afternoon and – slowly – putting up our tent, we sat down with the programme and were overwhelmed by the amount ...

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    21 August 2014 | Comments (0)

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  • Winner of InStyle best Shower Gel for 13th year running!

    Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash

  • Thank you!

    Thank you for helping us raise 
    over £10,000 for SOHANA
    in December! We donated £2 from every online order
    throughout the month of December 2014.  

    A charity no. 1158672

    Thank you for helping us raise 
    over £10,000 for SOHANA
    in December! We donated £2 from every online order
    throughout the month of December 2014.  

    A charity no. 1158672

  • Winner of Best BB Cream: Satin Perfection BB Cream

    Satin Perfection BB Cream was awarded the Best BB (or CC) Cream by Psychologies Positive Beauty Awards.

  • Moroccan Rose Otto Firming Crème Riche best firming body cream

    Our Moroccan Rose Otto Firming Crème Riche scooped the Best Firming Cream award in Harper’s Bazaar Hot 100.