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Combination Range

REN Gift Sets

Our Christmas gift sets this year feature the majestic crane, known in Japan as a symbol of good fortune and longevity due to its fabled life span of a thousand years.




  • Mini Gift Set

    Mini Gift Set

    REN’s uplifting neroli and sublime rose best-sellers are featured here in a four piece 50ml travel size set to create the perfect gift. 

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    $23.00 | 200ml

  • Mini Rose Gift Set

    Mini Rose Gift Set

    Introduce yourself to the heavenly world of authentic Moroccan Rose Otto with REN's Mini Rose Gift Set.

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    $27.00 | 130ml

  • Neroli Duo

    Neroli Duo

    Zesty Neroli Oil and invigorating Grapefruit Oil are combined to make this uplifting duo gift set.

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    $42.00 | 400ml

  • Rose Duo

    Rose Duo

    REN’s multi-award winning Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash is just one of those things that makes life just a little rosier.

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    $54.00 | 400ml

  • Rose Experience

    Rose Experience

    Indulge in the divine world of Moroccan Rose Otto with this gift set featuring the ultimate in Moroccan Rose Otto luxury.

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    $48.00 | 260ml

  • Luxury Rose Gift

    Luxury Rose Gift

    REN's award winning Moroccan Rose trio that will leave skin silky smooth, energized and glowing - the most luxurious Moroccan Rose Otto gift set yet.

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    $78.00 | 530ml