Love Clean Skin

A Short Film by REN

2012 marks REN’s 11 Year Anniversary and to celebrate this milestone and our passion for beautiful clean skin, we are excited to announce the exclusive launch of our first short film.

The film embodies the brand; it is honest, bold and rejects traditional images of airbrushed beauty.  It tells the story of two young lovers; they feel invigorated, alive and discover true beauty within themselves and each other.

The film was shot in a fjord in Sweden by Vince Squib, to the track ‘Down to the River to Pray’.

We hope you enjoy the film! Let us know what you think on facebook and twitter.

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“The brief for the film was to dramatise the character and imagery of REN while reinforcing the idea of Clean Skincare. I think the result is unique and arresting, but I would say that wouldn't I.”

Rob Calcraft, REN Founder

Behind the scenes of 'Love Clean Skin' Love Clean Skin (+15)