Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask

Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask

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A potent bio active peel mask designed to renew the complexion, reduce the appearance of fine lines and dramatically improve skin tone. 


  • Removes dead skin cells to renew the complexion.
  • Skin looks brighter, healthier, more radiant.
  • Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Combats congestion, blackheads and blemishes.
How to use:

Apply a generous amount onto clean skin over the face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Leave for 10 minutes. Dampen enclosed cloth and gently wipe off mask. Rinse skin with warm water. Slight tingling may be experienced during application. Use weekly. Not recommended for sensitive skin or for use just after shaving. 
    • Natural Fruit Acids from Passion Fruit, Lemon, Grape and Pineapple
    • Papain from Papaya exfoliate the outer layer of the skin, encouraging cell turnover and smoothing fine lines
    REN Clean Bio Active Skincare
    Aqua (Water), Polysorbate 60, Glycerin, Lecithin, Lactic Acid, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Seed Oil, Ribes Nigrum (Black Currant) Seed Oil, Vaccinium Macrocarpon (Cranberry) Seed Oil, Citrus Medica Limonum (Lemon) Fruit Extract, Xanthan Gum, Maltodextrin, Sodium Lactate, Carica Papaya (Papaya) Fruit Extract, Passiflora Quadrangularis Fruit Extract, Ananas Sativus (Pineapple) Fruit Extract, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Fruit Extract, Alcohol Denat., Limonene, Phenoxyethanol, Parfum* (Fragrance), Hippophae Rhamnoides Fruit Extact, Tocopherol, Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate, Linalool, Citrus Nobilis (Mandarin Orange) Peel Oil, Citral, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Flower Oil, Citrus Tangerina (Tangerine) Peel Oil, Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Seed Oil, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Bisulfite *100% Natural Fragrance – Parfum 100% Naturel

    "The fruit-acid complex in this creamy mask perks up tired skin, leaving it radiant". ELLE

    Big-Day Beauty Awards, The Best in Wedding Skincare. Award For Instant Brightening: "Though several weekly treatments were nominated, this one stood out for its lightning-fast results. “I noticed a difference the first time I used it” was a recurring comment we just couldn’t ignore". Martha Stewart Weddings

    "A gentle, fruit-acid based alternative to at-home chemical peels that’s magic on flaky skin and fine lines". Marie Claire

    "5 stars out of 5: Works like magic on dull skin, plumps out fine lines and improves texture from the word go – a great investment". LOOK 

    "Use a mask once a week for fresh-looking, super-soft skin. REN Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask is the perfect radiance booster and gives instant results". WOMAN & HOME

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    Customer reviews: Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask

    • 5 starsMiss Emma Jackson, 12/05/2015 - love this!

      "This is such a good mask I love it! This and the origins ginger zing in orange pot is absolutely amazing the glow is nothing iv seen before these 2 are so good together."

    • 5 starsMiss victoria pitfield, 24/02/2015 - Love

      "I love this product! I use it weekly post the microexfoliant, and I am left feeling as I do post facial. Skin is bright, clear and radiant. It is a strong product so I would not recommend anyone with sensitive or dry skin to use more than once a week or to use a toner/any product with glyolic acid following it for a few hours as I can imagine that is what is causing people to experience redness/burning. I use it in the evening and follow it with an oil I have that is for skin cell renewal and my skin feels brand new the next day. Really love this little gem, and what a small amount you need for a big difference."

    • 5 starsAnonymous, 14/02/2015 -

      "I bought this Renewal Mask last summer. Sadly, I have to say that after few times using this mask my face went red and skin was burning all the time (even if I didn't use it!)!!! Why did it happen? Maybe I'm allergic some ingredients? I have combination skin (T-zone is very oily, lots spots and blackheads). Maybe I chose a wrong product? I really would like to try REN, but I'm just afraid that it will happen again."

      REN replied :

      We're sorry to hear that you have had a reaction to this product. Our customer service team will be in contact with you shortly, REN.

    • 5 starsAnonymous, 11/02/2015 - Wow!

      "I cautiously got a sample of this after having horrendous hormonal skin for the last couple of months, resulting in my chin being severely scarred.I tried the mask last night and was amazed at the results. The scars have significantly faded and my skin looks much healthier. I can't wait to try more REN products."

    • 4 starsAnonymous, 11/02/2015 -

      "I love this product, my skin feels better having adopted it as part of a REN routine. The only downside is the packaging. It would be much better in a tube as the dispenser has a habit of becoming mouldy which is really difficult to clean off."

      REN replied :

      Hi, we are sorry to hear of your problem. Our customer services team will be in contact with you today.

    • 5 starsAnonymous, 29/01/2015 - Love but confused

      "Absolutely love this product after only 3 uses but confused, is this is the same product as the "Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask"? I have a sample of this and not sure if it's the same product??"

      REN replied :

      Hi there, yes we can confirm that the product has not changed, only the name. Hope that helps, REN.

    • 5 starsMiss Elle Frizzell, 27/11/2014 - Bright Skinned & Bushy Tailed

      "I was hesitent to use this due to my extremely sensitive skin but was pleasantly surprised; no stinging, burning or redness. Plus it smells great and leaves my skin glowing."

    • 5 starsAnonymous, 25/08/2014 -

      "I started to regularly use Ren products again (between them also Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask) and result is better skin than I ever had before. I am 47 y.o. and my eighteen years old daughter was looking at me today at home when I was without make-up and she said that I could easily go out without foundation as my skin looks perfect also without it now. It's true that my skin is now perfectly even toned, bautifully clean and soft. And I see those great results already after one month. I'm really enjoying in my ow skin thanks to Ren."

    • 5 starsMs Harriet Stanwix, 13/06/2014 - A must have

      "I really don't like using scrubs on my skin anymore as I think they only encourage more oil production so they just defeat the whole purpose really, so I decided to spend a bit more and get this mask. Such a good decision it is gorgeous to use. Like all ren products it smells lovely and natural and has such convenient packaging! I particularly love the cap to prevent waste. It's very calming to use and feels like a real treat which is always a bonus. I use once or twice a week and I really don't miss using scrubs in the slightest, after using my skin feels so soft and smooth. It looks nicer, more radiant and feels firmer too. I know there are some competing brands that do similar masks but are more than double the price, so this is a very good find. Thirty pounds for this is quite reasonable I think as it will last you and it is a quality product that you wouldn't get on the high street."

    • 2 starsAnonymous, 18/05/2014 -

      "I use it once every other week. Haven't noticed any difference. Smells very good though. F 21"

    • 5 starsAnonymous, 15/04/2014 - As good as a competitor's very expensive facial

      "I was so impressed with the trial-size version of this that I have just purchased the full-size version. Because my skin is as tough as cast iron I must confess to leaving this on for a few minutes longer than the recommended time, but the effects were great - my old acne scars seemed much less obvious. This is at least as good as the resurfacing facial by another skin care company, which costs more than twice the price of this product."

    • 5 starsMs Yvonne Roberts, 20/09/2013 -

      "I cannot say enough about this product - I love it! My skin is always noticeably softer and smoother straight after using and stays that way for the rest of the week. I find it evens out my skin tone and leaves me looking fresher and brighter. I've got to be honest, this is the most expensive skincare product I've ever purchased and I was quite apprehensive. In some ways I wish I'd never tried it because here I am spending my money on a second bottle, because nothing else will do now!"

    • 5 starsMiss Cassandra Sugito, 04/09/2013 -

      "I like this product a lot. After one use it left my skin feeling quite soft and very bright. My question is, the ingredient list doesn't exactly specify any glycolic acids or tartaric acids explicitely. So where do they come from then?"

      REN replied :

      The Glycolic Acid is sourced from Pineapple and the Tartaric Acid is from Grape. We also use Passion Fruit, Lemon and Mexican Papaya. REN

    • 1 starsAnonymous, 02/07/2013 - Disappointed ! Didn't observe any changes at all !

      "I have bought this product after reading so many good reviews !I have a combination skin type which is prone to congestion and blackheads. I also have open pores and uneven skin mainly due to light acne scars. I have been using the product once a week for 6 weeks now. Unfortunately, I didn't observe any changes at all ! The old acne scars haven't reduced at all, my skin is still uneven and congested. I didn't expect drastic effects but a little improvement would have been nice. I even left the mask for 20 minutes as my skin is not sensitive and doesn't "tingle" and still nothing improved ! I will finish the bottle but I have to admit that I am very disappointed as it is quite expensive for a product that doesn't work for me. Won't buy it again !"

    • 5 starsAnonymous, 29/04/2013 - AMAZING!

      "This mask is fantastic! Not only does it make my skin look smoother and more even, I have used it on some old acne scars on my back which have improved dramatically! Slowly accumulating all REN products and really noticing the difference, well worth the money"

    • 5 starsAnonymous, 14/03/2013 -

      "I can use it and get visible results- and- I have ultra sensitive (combination) skin VERY prone to rashes. Have used it for several times now..."

    • 5 starsMiss Sarah Leaning, 27/11/2012 -

      "This really does work! i have been using it for several weeks and my skin just keeps getting better. my skin has got so much better i dont even wear foundation anymore, try it for yourself its worth the price"

    • 5 starsAnonymous, 27/11/2012 -

      "Dear Ren, the only thing that I regret about you is that I didn't tried you earlier. I was so afraid of the Phenoxyethanol in your ingredients that I didn't want to try any of your products. But I was so wrong! One day I had a sample of the "Invisible Pores Detox Mask" in my favorite shop and I felt so in love with it that I told myself I have to try other of your products. And i'm so glad i did it, they are all just great and i'm replacing all my routine with them; My skin is alive again thanks to you! No more black spots or dry areas or any other skin problems... Please do not ever stop doing these magical jars!"

    • 5 starsMiss Shonya Singh, 30/10/2012 - REN CONVERT ALERT

      "I am replacing all my skin care with REN it seems, quite unintentionally... Every product so far been a winner, and my skin is feeling better than it has in a long time. I have used Clarins for almost 2 years, hoping it would eventually work, trialling different products, some personally-tailored regimes, and other high-end brands. Nothing, NOTHING has worked as well as REN. I hope my good-luck remains, THANK YOU REN)"

    • 5 starsMiss Julie Percival, 20/10/2012 - Transforms the skin in minutes

      "This product really packs a punch and delivers as much if not more than other, far more expensive masks. My skin always looks plump, dewy and bright after use. I can be prone to breakouts but I have never had a problem with this."

    • 5 starsAnonymous, 15/10/2012 - Best mask ever!

      "I had read really good reviews on this product and never had before a brightening mask with these characteristics so I decided to try. I was interested on trying the glycolactic acid peel and I must say that I was surprised from the very first use, I saw immediate results!It leaves my skin really clear and radiant (not even exagerating)! AMAZING!I was so impressed that after buying this mask (first product that I tried from REN) I've purchased 3 more... I'm using it once a week and it really makes a difference on my skin.Love this brand!"

    • 5 starsAnonymous, 15/10/2012 - If I had 5 hands, I'd raise them all.

      "Hey, I swear I have a museum of face care products because I have tried uncountable brands in the past but I've never been satisfied...until I started using Ren skincare products. The sun screen is amazing, the masks are phenomenal, the moisturisers are rejuvenating and the face washes are never before. I buy a few different types of the face washes and scrubs to alternate depending on my mood/the condition of my skin. I also have to say that the Frankincense wakes you up to a beautiful skin. Sincerely hope that Ren will continue to uphold this standard."

    • 1 starsAnonymous, 10/10/2012 -

      "I had been using the invisible pores detox mask which worked wonders, so started to use the glycolactic one along side it as directed to see if I could get an even better result. Unfortunately, it made my skin very irritated, red and blotchy. I do not know about other people, but it did not work on my sensitive skin."

    • 5 starsAnonymous, 18/09/2012 - Excellent

      "This mask really works and is worth the money. The packaging, scent and texture are great, and as soon as you wash it off the skin feels smoother and looks brighter. A genuine incentive to incorporate a mask into my weekly routine!"

    • 5 starsAnonymous, 06/09/2012 - First use

      "Used the product once, face was brighter and softer immediately, looked great in the morning and all day! Like an instant facial..."

    • 5 starsAnonymous, 02/09/2012 - A powerful exfoliator!

      "A wonderful product for my oily, porous skin! The mask is far more powerful than any alcohol tonic or a clay scrub. This is a good alternative to clay masks for me, the more so I know that it exfoliates the dead skin cells without scratching the face. The mask makes the skin noticeably clean, it dries the red pimples and degreases the oily skin areas for a long time. It really cleans out and tightens up the pores and improves the skin tone. If you are fed up with clay masks and mechanical scrubs, purchase this one."

    • 4 starsAnonymous, 12/07/2012 - What percentage of glycolic and lactic acid?

      "I really like this product. It was my first foray into the world of glycolic / lactic acid and I chose it as I trusted the REN brand for these type of 'at home' products over other brands. My combination skin was not irritated by it and results were immediate. I am interested to know what percentage of glycolic / other acid is in this product and in the AHA serum also in the Radiance line? I have both and am keen to know, given I am know topping up my routine with some peels at the dermatologists. I am genuinely interested and also I dont want to over do it either. Thanks in advance"

      REN replied :

      Thanks for your feedback! Our Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask contains 6.5% of glycolic acid.The AHA concentrate is a product that uses the highest percentage (10%) of Fruit Acids that can be sold over the counter.

    • 5 starsAnonymous, 22/05/2012 - amazing!

      "After all the fantastic reviews I read on this product plus trying out the sample I just had to purchase the full size prod! its amazing and results can be seen after first use, I'm so glad I discovered REN."

    • 5 starsMiss Carly Oxford, 03/03/2012 -

      "I bought this mask after reading all the fantastic reviews, well all I can say is WOW!! I have already noticed the difference after one use, It has improved the texture, apperance of my skin, and even made my marks I have from acne appear less noticable! So so happy with this product!! I have finally found a product that actually REALLY WORKS!! Also I emailed REN regarding my skin problems, and the advice I have had is superb!! Fantastic customer sevice and products!!"

    • 5 starsMs Tamsyn Brockbank, 20/01/2012 - Amazing

      "The lady at liberty gave me a sample of this when I bought the detox mask. It's just amazing in 10 min my skin feels amazing it's never felt so good. Facial in a bottle for half the price. Will def be purchasing a full size. Will use the detox one 2mow to see how well they work together."

    • 5 starsMrs Tiffany Kinkead, 14/11/2011 - Miracle worker!!!

      "I am in love with this mask! It is so gentle, but it works! My skin is so smooth and line free after using this. It clears my pores and shrinks my acne. I use it once a week and before every event I may have. I can't recommend this enough. It is pricey, but it lasts a long time because you only use it once a week."

    • 5 starsMs Alison Couley, 04/11/2011 - Glowing skin

      "Started using this mask a few months ago and I absolutely endorse the high ratings this product gets here. I can see a huge difference the day after mask day, my skin does glow, dry patches are improved and although it hasn't removed my blackheads, they are much improved too. I've just ordered my second bottle!"

    • 4 starsMiss Nina H, 21/07/2011 - It really works!

      "This product gives me a more even, brighter skintone. I really never believed any beauty claims so I was quite surprised! The mask also cleans really well; smaller pores and no blackheads snymore. Yay! I am not very fond of the smell though, so not sure whether I should buy more from this line - although I'm getting used to it after 3 weeks now and some other brightening stuff I tried didn't smell so great either. The texture is not creamy but more like gel, a little sticky but that doesn't bother me - it really works!"

    • 5 starsAnonymous, 09/03/2011 - i love this

      "it smells gorgeous and give good results"

    • 5 starsMs Mery Pimentel, 01/03/2011 - Amazed

      "My face glowed. It looked as good as it does when I get a facial."

    • 5 starsMiss Sophie Marette, 02/01/2011 - A great discovery

      "This mask is great. My skin feels and looks better after the 10 'orange' minutes. I also love the colour, the smell and the container. Definitely worth the investment. I also love all Ren's packaging (this is for the marketing people)."

    • 5 starsAnonymous, 21/12/2010 - ** incredible **

      "I have used the Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask just once, and I was most amazed at the results. Smooth, beautiful, refreshed skin just after 10 minutes. I will certainly try other REN products. Well done! Keep up the amazing work. . ."

    • 5 starsAnonymous, 08/11/2010 - WoW

      "got a sample of this and it was Amazing! smells gorgeous and leaves skin feeling great, ideal for quick fix before big night out, look glowing!"

    • 5 starsAnonymous, 26/09/2010 - Post pregnancy

      "I was looking for a peel that would fade my pregnancy pigmentation and this has done a great job. With the serious lack of sleep that goes with having a newborn, this mask is such a treat and really peps my skin up too. I've just bought the full sized version having tried it in the starter pack for dry skin(which is great too)."

    • 5 starsMs gloria szekely, 26/09/2010 - Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask

      "I got a pigmentation problem since I went out into the winter sun (15 mins. before dusk). This mask has seriously reduced the pigmentation problem."

    • 5 starsMr Kevin Cusack, 10/09/2010 - Great!

      "My new year’s resolution was to peel/mask every week being I am 50+. I had 2 choices REN or Elemis... REN won. It's a great product!"

    • 5 starsAnonymous, 24/08/2010 - MASK LOVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      "Have not felt so good about a product in so long. I've finally found my match. My husband even commented on how great my skin looked. I had not tried this prior to purchasing it, but read some great reviews and covered all the skin issues I was hoping to conquer.... My skin tone is more even, blackhead visibility reduced, more radiant, no clogged uncomfortable feeling that I've experienced with other products in application. Makes me feel a million dollars! Highly highly recommend this product... and especially used with the vita- day moisturiser.... love love love"

    • 5 starsMs Michelle Chan, 10/08/2010 - Best mask ever

      "I love this mask. It really keeps my complexion looking clear. It also smells delicious. However, none of my bottles have ever come with a muslin cloth. This includes the one I bought from a shop just last week. Is this a really new thing?"

      REN replied :

      Hi, the muslin cloth is a new inclusion but when you purchase it from our website it will be included with the bottle. However, some shops may still have stock of the previous version of the mask. Love, REN

    • 5 starsMiss Anna Hélène Granberg, 22/05/2010 - The best

      "This is the best product ever. I have really dry skin, but it works really well for me and I always feel fantastic when using this. I have been using it for 1 year now."

    • 5 starsMiss Kyung-A Kim, 09/05/2009 - first time...

      "it is not bad at all. My skin tone is more radiant with just one use. No doubt I will try other your product!!!"

    • 5 starsMiss Lucy Cox, 22/04/2009 - Brilliant!!

      "This mask is without a doubt the best product I have ever used. I was completely amazed at the improvement I saw after using it just once, it has now become a weekly habit I cannot live without!"

    • 3 starsMiss nia becenti, 10/04/2009 - Awesome!!!

      "I stumbled upon the REN product line while in Sephora last week and let me just say I feel like I have won the lottery!!! This mask is freakin awesome and my face has never looked better:) I was slightly worried that it would sting my nose as I have a VERY sensitive nose and it often peels and looks gross and red but to my surprise I had no reaction and my pores have never been smaller or clearer in my life!! I immediately went on-line and purched the entire skincare line and cant wait to start using it. You will not be disappointed."

    • 5 starsMiss Ashi Sharma, 17/03/2009 - Glowing skin

      "My skin glows after using this. I often use in the morning having used the detox mask the previous evening for best results."

    • 5 starsMiss Katherine Koehnlein, 12/03/2009 - Miss K

      "I received a sample size of this from Sephora and loved it so much that Im going to purchase the full size. Leaves my skin feeling so soft yet tighter at the same time. Great product"

    • 3 starsMs. Elizabeth Holloway, 12/02/2009 - Wishful

      "SOunds lovely but it never dried after 30 minutes and so I couldnt get it to "peel." I LOVE everything else by REN."

      REN replied :

      Thanks for your feedback! Please note the peel refers to the exfoliation of the acid peel mask rather than the way the mask is removed. The best way to remove it is to wash it off after 10 minutes with water and the muslin cloth that comes with the mask. Hope this helps. Love, REN

    • 4 starsMiss N K, 02/09/2008 - clear skin

      "This mask really does brighten up your skin tone and also leaves it soft, I'm glad i've invested in one!"

    • 5 starsAnonymous, 20/08/2008 - Can't believe it...

      "With combination skin like mine I never thought I could do anything with my blackheads, they're already going and I'm simply amazed."

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