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Oily skin: the night routine.

Oily skin: the night routine.

Rebalancing oily skin - all night long.

Oily skin during the day? Start combating it at night. You may have read about our favourite daytime oily-combo skincare routine - but if you want shine-free skin 24/7, there are steps you can take overnight, too. Here’s our faves to offer optimum hydration, without the heavy, so you’re shine-free in summer and beyond.
Oily skin: the night routine.

Do the double cleanse.

Not just a gimmick to make you buy more cleansers - double cleansing has its merits. No.1 Purity Cleansing Balm is an oil-based cleanser which, when put onto your skin and massaged, attracts skin oils to the surface, dissolving grease and sebum without stripping the skin. It’s also the best cleanser to remove SPF and pollution from the day. Follow up with your T-Zone Control Cleansing Gel to fully refresh your skin and shrink the look of pores - or whichever cleansing gel you have in your skincare repertoire here.

Oily skin: the night routine.

Keep spots away with clay.

Clay is a time-tested way to keep shine at bay. So for the more oily skin or those verging on breakouts or spots from congestion, Invisible Pores Detox Mask is a thick, purifying mask that helps to coax out sweat, dirt and excess sebum that are clogging up your skin. It does this through drying enough to help absorb these nasties - without drying your skin out, while using Spirulina and Lavender to calm and relax your skin. Use it 2-3 times a week in the evening (or before a big night out) so you can enjoy super-cleansed skin as well as creating a clean slate for your following treatments to better penetrate. 

Oily skin: the night routine.

Get glowing, not greasy.

Super-smooth skin reflects the light, letting it shine in a good way, but attempting to get this through over exfoliating can strip your skin of moisture leading to excess oil production. Annoying, eh? Leave it instead to a smarter exfoliator, which doesn’t compromise hydration. Wake Wonderful Night Time Facial uses Lactic Acid to exfoliate the skin surface and deeply cleanse and visibly shrink pores overnight. However, the three-phase treatment also includes Cranberry Seed Oil and Sodium Lactate, the former soothing your skin from possible irritation and the latter actually attracting water into the skin to plump and hydrate. By morning you’re left with dewy skin, that’s naturally exfoliated. Use 2-3 times a week on a freshly cleansed face or after your serum of choice and before your moisturiser

Oily skin: the night routine.

Moisturise with oil.

We’ve said it before and we will again - don't be afraid of using oils on combination skin. Especially one like Vita Mineral™ Omega 3 Optimum Skin Oil. In a featherlight texture it contains Inca Inchi oil which is actually close in molecular structure to our own natural sebum - who knew. Because of this it helps rebalance the skin’s oil production, making it think it has produced enough while keeping skin moisturised and protected through the night.

The oil itself is also known to have a soothing, anti-inflammatory action helping soothe discomfort from free radicals, pollution and sunlight you may have accrued during the day. Follow-up with your moisturiser of choice or leave this as your last pre-bedtime step for beautifully soft skin when you wake.   

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