Our Partnership with the Surfrider Foundation

Our Partnership with the Surfrider Foundation

At REN Clean Skincare we know that it’s only by taking action that we can make positive change for our planet. So, alongside our Zero Waste by the end of 2021 Pledge, we partnered with the grassroots charity Surfrider Foundation in 2018, to combine our expertise on packaging waste, taking a stand against plastic pollution in our environment.

For each Holiday Gift Set, we sell online, $1 will go directly to Surfrider Foundation. Plus, on friday November 27th , we’ll support them further by donating 15% of all orders from the day

About Surfrider Foundation

The Surfrider Foundation is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s ocean, waves and beaches for all people, concentrating on five pillars: 

1. Plastic pollution
Reducing the impact of plastics in the marine environments that surround us

2. Ocean protection
Defending our oceans from the challenges threatening the vitality of the ecosystem

3. Beach access
Working with decision-makers to ensure full and fair beach access for all to enjoy

4. Coastal preservation

Taking on issues that threaten our beaches and natural shorelines

5. Clean water
Protecting the health and sustainability of our planet’s most precious resource

Surfrider Foundation’s initiatives also include Ocean Friendly Restaurants, which aids restaurants in becoming more sustainable by reducing plastic and water. Moreover, Surfrider Foundation’s Blue Water Task Force volunteers work tirelessly to protect the water quality across North America, alerting to quality issues and raising awareness of how to foster clean water. Notable milestones include:

● A total of 670 victories and 97 in 2019 alone.

● 176 Chapters 

● 182,000 volunteer hours. 

● 300,000 pounds of trash off our beaches, as of their 2019 Report.

● 8.65 billion pieces of single use plastic kept out of the environment through plastic reduction legislation, as of their 2019 Report. 

Get involved with Surfrider Foundation

Want to create real lasting change? Volunteer on their website and Surfrider Foundation will connect you with the nearest Chapter or Club so you can meet like minded people, helping tackle the issues facing our oceans, waves and beaches. 

You can also donate to Surfrider Foundation at any time via their websit,e including choosing one-off, monthly or annual donations. Find out more about their mission and how you can be a part of it on their website