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Post-pregnancy skincare tips.

Post-pregnancy skincare tips.

New mums - here’s some *quick* tips.

Is the nursery ready? What’ll I pack in my hospital bag? And perhaps, do I actually know what I am getting myself into? For many new mums, upholding their daily skincare routine won’t be top of the list. But taking time for yourself is essential we believe a happy mum = a happy baby. Afterall, no baby will benefit from a stressed-out, overwhelmed parent looking after them, right? Here’s a few easily-incorporated tips to help you stay sane during early motherhood.
Post-pregnancy skincare tips.

Make every second of sleep count.

Unless you’re especially lucky, you’ll spend ages trying to get your baby to sleep. And when you finally get yourself to bed, it may be tough to switch off and sleep yourself. Mist your pillow with & Now To Sleep Pillow Spray, with soothing Lavender, Hops and Frankincense extracts to help relax the mind, helping you fall asleep faster. Between feedings and impromptu wake-ups - it’ll help you maximise those sporadic hours of sleep. And a tip from us - mist your linens, pyjamas and curtains too, so your bedroom feels like a serene, calming space as soon as you walk in. 

Post-pregnancy skincare tips.

Quick fix facial.

Time is of the essence during the day, too. But don’t sack off your skincare - just get smarter with it. Retain your new-mum glow with Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial with Water Activated Vitamin C to visibly brighten, firm and tone skin in - you guessed it - one minute. Our trick - apply in the shower after your favourite cleanser, and use that minute while the mask is working to lather up your body, then rinse them both off together. How’s that for multi-tasking?

Post-pregnancy skincare tips.

Help with hyperpigmentation. 

Your hormone balance changes throughout pregnancy - specifically with more Oestrogen - and this can trigger skin hyperpigmentation (darkening of skin). Fear not, using a lightening serum like Radiance Perfection Serum can help to lighten these gently over time. Our International Spa Training Manager, Axa - who just so happens to be a mum to two, recommends SPF every day, like Clean Screen Mineral SPF 30, to minimise the severity of hyperpigmentation development, and give your skin the chance to heal.

Post-pregnancy skincare tips.

And minimise stretch marks.

Keeping skin supple and moisturised with Vitamin E and fatty acids will support your skin, but truthfully - it’s unlikely you’ll be able to avoid stretch marks all together.  All is not lost though, exfoliation can help increase cell turnover and lighten these over time. AHA Smart Renewal Body Serum is a two-in-one body treatment combining exfoliating acids with skin-balancing probiotics and moisture-locking Xylitol.

It’s generally recommended to avoid products with high concentrations of essential oils during pregnancy, in particular Thyme, Clove, Sage, Anise and Wintergreen. So if you’re playing extra safe with bodycare while you’re expecting, AHA Smart Renewal Body Serum is the perfect post-pregnancy treatment to get your former body back.

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