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The beauty tool everyone needs...

The beauty tool everyone needs...

A shout out to the humble (but ever-amazing) muslin cloth.

Nope, it’s not a dermaroller, mildly intimidating planing tool or anything 24 karat gold and bank breaking - which we’re not averse to, btw. It’s a little tool with results you can see and feel straight away, it’s wallet-friendly, and it’ll give you nostalgic vibes... To mark the return of our revamped Rosa Centifolia™ Hot Cloth Cleanser, we’re celebrating a multi-functional beauty tool that gets wrongfully overlooked. So here’s to you, muslin cloth, and all the many uses people didn’t know you had…

Firstly, if you didn’t know, muslin cloths gently exfoliate and up your cleansing power. They lift away dead skin cells, brighten your complexion, remove dry patches and help stop blackheads too, when teamed up with the right formula. But there’s beauty hacks for days if you use your imagination.

No-scrub, lip-scrub. 
Layering lip balm but your lips still feel flaky? You need a scrub. Just like the rest of our face, the lips need some exfoliation too. But don’t reach for a pricey pot of sugar scrub to perfect your pout. Muslin cloths are a gentle, efficient lip scrub - particularly great for wintery weather, or priming the lips pre-lipstick to up your colors staying power. Rub the damp cloth in a circular motion over chapped or flaking lips, pat dry, and follow up with a hydrating lip balm

Sensitive body exfoliation. 
Body scrubs, gloves, bristles and sponges can be a little aggressive for some. Not the muslin cloth. It’ll gently exfoliate your body and help increase the absorption of the rest of your following bodycare. Plus it’s especially good for sun-damaged or flaking skin, to gently polish away any peeling skin without the pain. And to you mamas - this is a great tool for wiping babies’  faces without rubbing - and it’s reusable and washable, unlike baby wipes.

Cooling eye mask. 
Technology, pollution, air conditioning, and long office hours - daily life is tougher on your eyes than you think. Pop a damp muslin cloth in the freezer for ten minutes et voilà, a refreshing cold compress with no need for those blue-gel eye cooling masks that always get too cold. Perfect to depuff, reduce eye redness and calm irritation after a long day in front of the computer/just general living. Follow up with a ginseng-powered brightening eye gel to keep puffiness at bay. 

Spa-steam cleanse.
Hot tip - soak your muslin cloth in warm water and lay over your face for one to two minutes. It’ll soften your skin to help you cleanse better, and you can apply over a face mask to open pores and facilitate absorption of skin-loving ingredients. Oh and for the boys - this technique (as any good barber knows) is a great hot-towel trick to help soften beard bristles. Use along with our protective nourishing shave oil for an easier, closer cut.

So since the muslin cloth has some pretty great credentials - we thought it deserved some credit. We’ve made ours larger, with a handy hanging loop to help it dry out, and we've included it as part of a separate twin pack you can buy on it’s own. Or get the full Cleanse & Reveal routine for only £16.50 (inc. recyclable travel bag) and save on your best cleansed skin yet.

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