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Clean to planet.

We’re super-conscious about Clean Skincare - inside and out. In 2018 we announced our Clean to Planet vision, ‘cause with ever-changing climates, finite resources and increasing plastic pollution, something’s gotta give. It’s not about being preachy (we hope) but instead taking steps to minimise or reverse our planet impact with a Clean 360 approach. Here’s how we’re raising the game in what it means to be a truly ‘clean’ skincare brand.

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Clean to planet.

Our planet has a problem.

Changing climates, finite resources, increasing plastic pollution. Something’s gotta give.

Surfers Against Sewage (our charity partners) estimate that about 51 trillion microscopic pieces of plastic, weighing 269,000 tons is floating around in our ocean currently, and since a plastic bottle can last around 450 years in the marine environment, it won’t go away on its own. Infact, it breaks down into microparticles which can be deadly to ocean life. And with one in three fish caught for human consumption now containing plastic - who's to say it may not be deadly for us in the long run, too.

Zero Waste by 2021.

By 2021 all of our packaging will either be recycled, recyclable or refillable. Knowingly ambitious, but by reducing the amount of virgin plastic being produced, and repurposing the packaging that’s already there, we can help stop the pollution problem growing - and that’s a great start.

Zero Waste by 2021. Zero Waste by 2021.

Repacking our clean skincare.

We’re amid giving our packaging a cleaner makeover. We cut cardboard boxes from our cleansers, we’ve reduced double labelling on our bottles, we’ve made sure our products are as recyclable as possible, and we display our recycling info on each online product page. We also joined the TerraCycle Loop™ project, as the first premium skincare brand working on a refillable product model. Launching in late 2019, you’ll have the option to send back your glass bottles to be cleaned and refilled, cutting out as many as 100 bottles per product, per customer.

Repacking our clean skincare. Repacking our clean skincare.

Clean partnership.

In 2018 our partners Surfers Against Sewage organised 1,611 beach cleans, welcomed 68,200 volunteers and recorded 27,696 plastic bottles (not including other debris) intercepted and recycled. Impressive, right? As part of our #GivingTuesday campaign we gave them £5 from every order to help keep their efforts going and we’ll be working ever closer with them in 2019 and beyond, for cleaner beaches, cleaner oceans and helping spread the clean gospel.

Beach Cleans.

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Our Ocean Plastic bottle.

Speaking of reversing our impact - meet our Ocean Plastic bottle, made from 20% reclaimed waste plastic from the ocean, and 80% recycled bottle. We’ve even made a pump that’s metal-free and easier to recycle. You can check out the full breakdown via our blog.

more on Ocean Plastic
Our Ocean Plastic bottle. Our Ocean Plastic bottle.

The future

A cleaner future is coming.

Something to look forward to. We’re looking into biodegradable formulas, sourcing ingredients which would otherwise be wasted (which we’ve already done with Clean Screen Mineral SPF 30) all the while continuing our repack across our entire skincare portfolio. It’s all going on - and we’ll keep you updated via our Clean Thoughts Blog.