Pregnancy-safe skincare is important to us. REN was born when our founder's pregnant wife began to experience sensitivity from her everyday beauty products. Looking for natural alternatives, nothing delivered the results she wanted. REN was created to fulfil her skincare needs - purity, performance, and pleasure.

Being pregnant can be an incredibly special time, but it can also be daunting dealing with the changes that your body goes through – including changes to your skin. We are here to recommend our most suitable skincare routine to nurture and support your skin during pregnancy.




Delivering multiple benefits in just one step, this leave on skin-refining toner helps to eliminate dulling dead skin cells and exfoliates away excess sebum to reveal a brighter...


Clinically proven to help repair the skin barrier in 15 minutes * Powered by a unique blend of ultra-nourishing lipids including Olive, Almond, Linseed & Jojoba to intensi...


Proven to protect skin against pollution* #1 bestselling REN Moisturizer Powered by REN’s Global Protection Complex: A blend of antioxidant-packed Cranberry Seed Oil, Candle Tr...



So pure, I use it on me, my toddler and my baby. I’ve tried all REN products but this is my absolute every day cream

Jemma D.

I bought this product because with my pregnancy, I am experiencing the worst dry skin of my life. I've always been an oil slick. I applied this at night and woke to amazing skin. It not only helped my dry skin, it toned down redness and flattened a few pimples!!!! Also, don't let the size fool you, it only takes a tiny bit rubbed between your hands. Perfect for dry or chapped lips too. You won't regret this product!


I am currently pregnant and struggle with very dry skin, this product worked perfectly, the skin is moisturized all day, I also use the serum from the same series. Thank you REN

Love these products! Since being pregnant I have really struggled with my skin and I am absolutely in love with REN products! The tonic smells incredible and feels so good on the skin. I can’t praise the vitamin c cream enough! It’s amazing

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