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The World Beneath: The Life and Times of Unknown Sea Creatures and Coral Reefs

by Dr. Richard Smith £30.00

The World Beneath: The Life and Times of Unknown Sea Creatures and Coral Reefs

An author-signed, non-fiction book detailing ocean exploration and conservation.

by Dr. Richard Smith


Brimming with new underwater discoveries, plus 300+ colourful pages of jaw-dropping fish and coral reefs, Dr. Richard Smith’s The World Beneath is a richly detailed, first-hand account of diving through the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. Complete with up-close encounters with mystifying creatures, details on the naming process of newly discovered ocean-dwellers and advice from a leading marine biologist on which of these fascinating creatures are facing extinction, and how we can help them before it’s too late.

About the Author
One of the world's leading marine biologists and an impassioned conservationist, Dr. Richard Smith is an award-winning underwater photographer, a leading expert on seahorses, and a leader of diving expeditions around the world; having been on more than 3,500 dives since 1996.

Hardcover, 312 pages
Published September 10th 2019, Apollo Publishers

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