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Atlantic Kelp & Magnesium USA

So fresh. So clean.

Our new Atlantic Kelp & Magnesium body range harnesses the sea’s renewable energy to provide you with instant hydration and a day long energy boost!

Featuring Kelp, Magnesium and Algae, we’re bringing the power of the sea to your shower.

There's approximately 25g of magnesium in the body

Harnessing the sea responsibly.

Awaken your mind.

A unique blend of scents designed to invigorate the senses.

Sage Warm, yet cooling with a hint of menthol to instantly awake the senses.

Rosemary The refreshing scent of Rosemary stimulates and awakens.

Cypress Adds a little depth with its woody slightly evergreen notes.

Geranium Crisp and green, Geranium wraps up our quartet.