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Skincare, the Clean way.

Skincare, the Clean way.
6 months ago

Skincare, the Clean way.

Clean up your act when it comes to your skin.

Navigating yourself within the world of skincare can be a challenge. Looking out for what’s in your products has, rightly so, become just as important as looking out for what’s not. We get it if you feel like you need a magnifying glass and a translator to find out what you need to know. And that’s still easier said than done. That’s why we’re here, to clean things up.

REN’s definition of Clean Skincare.

A word you’ve heard in the beauty industry, but what does it really mean? For REN, Clean Skincare means no compromise. It means not having to choose between natural ingredients and clinically-proven results. It means saying no to controversial ingredients and potential irritants, and yes to powerful, active ingredients extracted from natural and mineral sources. Not only that, it means considering the environmental impact of the products you consume – as well as the waste you throw away. Oh, and REN means Clean in Swedish.

What’s in?

For as long as we’ve existed, we’ve challenged the convention that skincare can either be natural or effective, not both. Since 2000, when ‘clean skincare’ was just a twinkle in the eye of the beauty industry – REN pushed the boundaries of skin science, renouncing controversial synthetics or skin-harsh ingredients in favor of safe alternatives that deliver the same high-levels of performance. With deep understanding of skin chemistry and unwavering faith in the potency of nature, we scour the globe to uncover the latent, skin-transformational powers of plants and minerals.

Using advanced bio-science to extract high concentrations of active ingredients from clean sources, and cellular bio-chemistry to rigorously test their efficacy and skin-compatibility, our team of scientists formulate powerful, pleasurable products that work with your skin, for real and lasting results.


What’s out?

No nasties. No unnecessaries. From day one, we decided that every ingredient in a REN product must either positively benefit long-term skin health, or support the safety and integrity of the formulation. Our commitment to Clean skincare means we say NO to harmful toxins, harsh chemicals, controversial ingredients, potential irritants, or any ingredient linked to internal health disruption. Using bio-science to extract the most effective actives from naturally-derived sources, REN delivers performance, purity and pleasure in a bottle. Great skin starts from within – so we leave the nasties out.


REN pushes the frontiers of skin science to help skin to help itself, creating pioneering formulations from naturally-derived bio-actives, rigorously tested and clinically proven to deliver results, as well as using innovative, airless packaging for optimized performance.


REN is uncompromising in the use of skin-friendly ingredients, ethically-sourced 100% plant and mineral actives, no skin-unfriendly synthetics, irritants or animal derivatives, and uses recyclable packaging wherever possible, and always using recyclable materials.


REN believes in the transformational power of touch and scent, with luxuriant textures and subtle, natural fragrances for an inner feel-good that shows on the outside.

Go Clean. Feel REN.