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Five ways to find calm.

Five ways to find calm.
6 months ago

Five ways to find calm.

Take the time to make your day that little bit calmer.

Been running on overdrive? Taking time out for you is often overlooked, but one of the most important things we can do for a healthy mind. Getting caught up in the day-to-day stresses is unavoidable; in a blink the week’s passed you by. We’ve all been there, and as an escape to a yoga retreat in Bali isn’t on the cards as often as we’d like when tensions rise, here are some tips for keeping calm that don’t require a passport.

Take your time to be mindful.

Staying in the present moment, amidst a busy lifestyle (using the term busy lightly, here), is much easier said than done. Especially when making time for dinner often feels like an accomplishment in itself, let alone planning tomorrows. We know the drill – there’s just not enough time to sit down, legs crossed and be Zen. But, there are times through the day we don’t even recognize as ‘me’ time, and these are your times to be mindful. Take, for instance, that ten minutes while you wash up, or while you’re blow-drying your hair, these are moments that even the busiest of us still have to make time for, but are potential gems of opportunity for you to pay more attention to your thoughts, feelings and the world around you. The health benefits of mindfulness? Encouraging a healthy lifestyle and a calmer mind. You might even find yourself looking forward to the chores.

Turn off to switch off.

We know that a Netflix-binge straight before bed isn’t exactly healthy for our sleeping patterns. Especially when it involves watching a series specifically designed to keep you up at night. But, despite our efforts, we go back time and time again to the laptop before bed, as, quite frankly, it requires minimal effort on our behalf when we’re feeling pretty depleted of energy at the end of a long day. So how can we get the best of both worlds? Trying to cut down the amount of episodes you’re watching is a good start. Still letting you get your fix will help you stick to it, but shutting it off at least an hour before you switch off gives your body enough time to de-wire. You wouldn’t let yourself have a cup of coffee before bed, so treating technology in the same way means only good things for your sleep-routine.

Walk it out.

Exercising to relax. Seems like a slight contradiction? Powerwalking or jogging has been proven to relax the senses, enabling you to feel calmer and balances stress hormones. Whether you get your kicks with a jog at the break of dawn, or prefer to sweat it out on the treadmill, getting rid of your end of the week tension is best cured when moving, in our experience. Releasing endorphins (or feel-good hormones) through exercise works to relax that built-up tension that comes along with the daily-grind. As simple as taking the stairs, it’s going to help you gather your thoughts and reap the health benefits.

The art of bathing.

There’s a good reason behind why we turn to the tub at the end of a long day, and why it’s especially appealing at night time. Bathing regularly has been proven to increase levels of positivity. The bath is one of the only places we can’t reach for our technology (unless you really are a risk taker) or get distracted, so it’s some much-needed time out; an opportunity to really calm your thoughts and your senses. Tranquil music, bath salts and candles are all added extras that will give you that feeling of Zen. So, why are we so inclined to bath at night-time? Immersing yourself in warm water can help you get a good night’s sleep. After bathing (warm, not too hot), that dip in body temperature as you quickly cool down is one of the signals for the body to start producing the hormone that induces sleep. So, taking a bath one-to-two hours before bed is actually doing more good than we realize, getting you well-rested for the next day.

Get outside

When did you last get outside, for the sole reason of being outside? That feeling of rejuvenation, as though our bodies have been re-set, that you get when you come back from holiday is something you can still experience back at home, any time of year. The great outdoors really is that when it comes to giving you that feeling of relaxation. The bonus? An increase in Vitamin-D exposure does wonders for our positivity, elevating our mood, whilst fresh air encourages a clarity of mind and a sense of gratitude we don’t get indoors. Heading somewhere without Wi-Fi might also be a blessing in disguise, too, restricting our urge to be online and switched on throughout the day.

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