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How much product should I be using?

How much product should I be using?
6 months ago

How much product should I be using?

Got skincare FAQ’s? You name it, we’ve got the answer.

The problem with skincare.

Now with more steps than you can clock-up on your Fitbit in a day, our skincare regimes are always growing. As a result, so are the list of frequently asked questions that we’re asked here at REN HQ, put to our skincare experts and in need of answers. ‘How much do I use?’, ‘How often do I exfoliate?’ and ‘When do you double-cleanse?’ If these are things that go through your head on a daily basis, keep your eyes peeled here for some expert answers to your skincare queries.

How much product should I be using?

Today, we’re answering one of the basics. How much to use is a balancing act and getting it right will help you (and your skin) out. Let’s face it – skincare doesn’t grow on trees and overdoing it isn’t something we recommend (just in favor of your purse, not to mention the potential effects it’s having on your skin). Nevertheless, you need to be getting enough product actually on your skin to absorb it effectively, soaking in and giving you the optimum benefits that you’ve invested in (and deserve).

The phrase ‘too much of a good thing’ is more than appropriate when it comes to how much of each product you’re putting on every day (and sometimes, twice a day). Being hard to measure and differing by individual, we’re often overcompensating with the amounts we’re putting on our skin, thinking the results will, in turn, double as well. In reality, it’s the reverse.

How much cleanser should I be using?

We tend to use way more cleanser than we actually need - just to be on the safe side - but really, you need approximately the size of a hazelnut for one cleanse. Double cleansing in the evening? Try half the amount during the first cleanse (ideally using a balm cleanser), then follow up with the second, using half again, to get skin feeling spotlessly clean and prevent using excessive amounts.

How much moisturiser should I be using?

Getting this one right is important. You are probably using more moisturiser than you think, and too much of the stuff will be difficult for skin to absorb (and probably be clogging your pores as a result). Using too little? This can lead to dryness, sensitivity and that dull-look that none of us want. The size of a blueberry should be about right, but check your skin after a few minutes of application to see if it’s absorbed fully, and adjust if needed.

Eye cream

How much face mask should I be using?

The length of time you leave on a mask is the key to getting a face mask right, but it’s also important not to apply too much. The size of a strawberry should be about right, and a little more if you’re applying on your neck, too.

How much eye cream (or eye gel) should I be using?

Eye cream differs from person to person, but a little goes a long way with this one. In fact, eye cream is the most overused skincare product. The skin around the eye is the most fragile of the entire face, and if any excess migrates to the eye, it can cause sensitivity or redness. Work with the size of a rice grain for each eye, and add more if you think it’s needed.

How much serum should I be using?

Less is definitely more when it comes to serums, especially as they’re becoming more advanced in formulation. Containing increasingly concentrated levels of actives, doubling-up the amount you’re using may lead to skin irritation, if you’re not careful. Stick to an amount similar to the size of a pea, and you’ll be good to go whatever serum you’re using.

Got more questions? Let us know and we’ll try and answer them next time.

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