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The problem with pollution.

The problem with pollution.
6 months ago

The problem with pollution.

How to protect your skin against pollution.

Second to the sun, pollution is one of the most damaging environmental aggressors out there. Car exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke and industrial emissions – just a few of the undesirables on the street that are having an invisible, yet detrimental, impact on your skin.

Live in a city? You’re affected. Live in the middle of nowhere? Yep, you’re affected. Perhaps not as much as city-dwellers, but it is there, even though you can’t see it. Wherever you are the world, chances are that your skin is exposed to pollution every day, and it’s doing more damage than just making your skin feel grubby.

Give me the science.

Once your skin is exposed to pollution, cue free-radical mayhem. Air pollution particles (PM) are about 2.5 micro-meters in size (that’s about the quarter of the width of a human hair). Because they’re so small, they can be absorbed into the layers of your skin, releasing free radicals which attack the collagen and elastin, all while disrupting the skin’s defence barrier (something that our skincare expects work very hard to protect). The consequences? Premature ageing, (something none of us want anyway, never mind prematurely), as well as visible dullness and irritation that definitely wasn’t there before.

We tend to turn a blind eye to these harmful free-radicals found in smog and environmental pollution that are ageing us, day by day, if just for the sake of our sanity. The invisible nature of pollution lends it to be something you can ignore with ease in the short-term, but it’s a little harder down the line when you’re wearing those years of pollution on your face.


What's the answer?

Protection. Just like SPF, protecting your skin with anti-oxidant, omega and nutrient rich creams makes a significant difference in the amount to which free-radicals are able to penetrate your skin. Yes, you can believe the double-cleansing hype - it is doing its bit to remove all the debris you’ve encountered through the day from your complexion, but stopping pollution at the first hurdle is a significantly better bet for the long term.

You need to protect – enter Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream - containing Omega 3 and 7 oils that work to reduce inflammation and boost the skin’s lipid content, restoring moisture and providing a natural barrier against pollution and irritants. Aside from just the long-term effects, environmental aggressors are perpetrators of temporarily sensitized skin – turns out your redness and irritation isn’t your natural ‘skin-type’.

You need a shield. Our Flash Defence Anti-Pollution Mist reinforces your shield against air pollution particles, and even contains an active ingredient which boosts your skins own production of antioxidants and it’s antioxidant capacity (bio-actives scientific name - Quercetin), meaning that it provides the skin with the materials for it to create the protective shield itself. Pretty clever, right?

Protect from the inside out.

There’s more you can do against the effects of pollution than just protecting skin with your skincare regime. Combined with drinking enough water (six to eight glasses) to flush toxins through your body, healthy diets can similarly support your skin’s health, especially when rich in anti-oxidant-plenty fruit and veg (think blueberries, strawberries, kale, etc.)

Just because your skin is protected, doesn’t mean you can’t do more for the cause. Get commute-smart and start using public transport (or better, walking) to work over driving, or simply just conserving the energy you use – lights off – to make a little but vital difference. There’s a lot of things we can do to make the world we all share a little bit cleaner.

Go Clean. Feel REN.