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McQueen Moroccan Rose USA

My fascination
with roses

by Kally Ellis


In 1991, Kally Ellis, founder and managing director of McQueens, took a small failing flower shop in Shoreditch and turned it into a multi-faceted and international flower business. In 26 years, McQueens has built a reputation for quality, style and innovation. From the A List Vanity Fair post-Oscar party in Los Angeles, to fashion shows in London to the capital’s most talked about five-star hotels, from weddings and restaurants, McQueens has redefined the way we think about flowers.

REN's limited edition creative collaboration with iconic London florist McQueens celebrates the beauty of the Moroccan rose. Harvested at dawn from the lush Valley of Roses in Morocco, the Moroccan rose is known for its delicate bloom and heady, unforgettable fragrance.

Kally tells us of her long term love of roses and also shares her top tips for caring for them.

Roses have had a particular fascination for me for all my life. When I was a child growing up, my mother had a huge garden with all kinds of rambling flowers and a wonderful lawn. My three sisters and I spent countless hours playing outside in the summer. Roses were a favourite of my mothers and those bushes took pride of place. Long before I ever entertained the idea of working with flowers, I was gathering flowers and foliage and bundling them into containers to be scattered around the house. Who could ever have guessed where all that would lead?

When REN suggested an artistic collaboration with McQueens for the Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash, it was always going to be a 'yes' from me! My sister Eleni, a graphic designer, was even part of the team, working on the label design for the finished product.

I was so pleased when I was shown the final pack of the collaboration with REN, and I'm very proud to have the McQueens' name on such a wonderful range. I can't wait to share it with my family and friends - and of course, my darling mother.

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Kally's top tips for looking after roses.

Roses need a little care and attention to keep them looking at their best. Follow these simple steps to keep your flowers looking fresh and fabulous for longer.



Remove any surplus foliage by stripping the leaves and thorns from each rose. Be sure to remove all leaves from below the waterline of your vase. Leaves in the water will quickly degrade and pollute with bacteria.



Condition the roses carefully by removing any damaged petals. Roses have outer guard petals that protect the head as it opens. Often these add a bit of charm to the rose - I like them because they look natural - but if they’re damaged they won't be doing your flowers any favours. Strip them away!



Trim a few centimetres off the bottom of the rose, and cut the stem at an angle. This will maximise the surface area and enable the flower to drink up more water, keeping them in top condition. Roses have a woody stem formation and the bottom of the rose will dry very quickly when taken out of water for even a short amount of time. This makes rehydration very difficult, so freshly cut and straight into water is a must! We recommend using the flower food given by your florist, too and change the water regularly.

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