Sensitivity & Redness

Calming care to reduce redness & sensitivity

Skin drying out for attention? Whether it is tightness, flaking or lack of luminosity, our skincare for dehydrated and dry skin is proven to help to replenish, and rejuvenate very thirsty skin.

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Stressed skin can often show up as redness, discomfort, or flare-ups. Whether you experience occasional reactivity, or your skin needs everyday TLC, help to reduce redness, and soothe stressed-out skin with our skincare for redness and sensitivity. Powered by nature’s gentlest bioactives; find cleansers, masks, moisturizers, serums, balms, and more, enriched with ingredients like redness-reducing White Mushroom Extract, soothing Beta-Glucan, and calming Camellia Oil, to help bring back the balance to sensitive skin from head-to-toe.