Beauty world-first: aluminum sample pack

Beauty world-first: aluminum sample pack

Globally, in the beauty and personal care industry, 122 billion sample sachets1 are produced annually before being potentially incinerated or reaching landfill every year. Since stopping our production of them in 2018, we’ve saved four and a half million sachets from becoming waste, instead moving towards innovations that are more Clean to Planet.

With Tubex, we’ve created the first reclosable 100% recycled aluminum sample tube, protecting the product while better protecting our planet. Widely recyclable with a high recyclability rate, its break-off nozzle negates the need for unrecyclable foil tamper seals, while protecting the product inside. And, we’re giving you this breakthrough innovation free on every order for a limited time, just select the Redness Relief as one of your free sameples at checkout.


The facts about our all-new Aluminum Sample:

● The tube and nozzle are made from recycled and recyclable aluminum, helping reduce plastic waste as part of our Zero Waste Skincare pledge

● The reclosable break-off nozzle avoids the use of tamper seals or mini plastic caps

● Made using 95% PCR and 5% PIR recycled aluminum which promotes circular aluminum recycling

● Aluminum tube is more pliable, meaning you can get more product out, reducing formula waste


Why we’ve used Aluminum

● Aluminum is widely recycled and its recovery method from waste allows high recycling rates2,3

● The average recycling rate for aluminum packaging is 69% (EU data2)

● Aluminum is infinitely recyclable - a huge amount of the aluminum that has ever been produced is still in use (almost 75%3)

● Using recycled aluminum saves 95% of energy needed to produce virgin aluminum4

● Recycled aluminum has a lower carbon footprint compared to the same tube made of virgin aluminum5

“There is no silver bullet with recycling, so we have implemented various solutions to meet our Zero Waste pledge*. REN Clean Skincare is the first beauty brand to have developed, in collaboration with Tubex, a unique re-closable and recyclable sample size tube made using 100% recycled aluminum. While more costly, we are committed to using these new tubes to reduce plastic waste and hope to encourage other beauty brands to rethink their sample packaging with the planet in mind.” Arnaud Meysselle, CEO REN Clean Skincare.


About Tubex

Tubex is a global leader in producing aluminum tubes. Partnering with specialists means together we can create solutions to the waste problem we are all facing. With over 70 years’ experience, they are dedicated to developing innovative solutions that facilitate circular reuse of the planet’s natural resources.

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