Clean Screen SPF Questions - Answered.

Clean Screen SPF Questions - Answered.
With so many options and ingredients on the market, sun protection can be a tricky topic. Fear not, we’ve compiled a quickfire Q&A to answer some of those burning questions and questions about burning. Plus, everything in between...

What’s so ‘Clean’ about Clean Screen?

It’s been documented that traditional chemical UV filters can cause skin sensitivity. Our 22% Zinc Oxide formula creates a physical barrier from damaging light without irritating sensitive skin types, or clogging blemish-prone skin. It’s also packaged using post-consumer recycled packaging, 50% in the tube, and 100% in the cap

Is Clean Screen water resistant?

No. Clean Screen is a daily sunscreen, formulated to protect skin from UVA and UVB with antioxidant pollution protection, rather than a targeted holiday or swimming sunscreen.

How often do I need to reapply Clean Screen?

We recommend every 2 hours to maintain a consistent level of protection.

Must I wait 15 minutes before going out in the sun?

Nope. As Clean Screen is a physical barrier, you’re instantly protected from UV rays - just make sure you apply an even coverage and aim to stay out of the sun at its hottest times of the day.


Is Clean Screen a moisturiser?

We’ve designed Clean Screen as a one-step product to be incorporated into your current routine, so it doesn’t contain traditionally moisturising ingredients. Use your preferred moisturiser first, then follow by applying Clean Screen.

I have oily skin - is Clean Screen suitable for me?

Absolutely. We know oftentimes sunscreens can be shiny or greasy, so we’ve added Rice Starch to keep skin matte by absorbing excess oil, while helping to visibly minimise the look of pores.

Because this absorbs oil, is this a bad option for dry skin types?

Many of our clients who identify as having dry skin love using Clean Screen. While the Rice Starch will prevent over-oiliness, it’s not drying to the skin. We do however recommend applying on well-moisturised skin for an even application - so massage in Global Protection Day Cream first, then follow-up with Clean Screen.

How can I get sunscreen all off my face at night?

We recommend an oil-based cleanser to effectively break down Clean Screen (as well as makeup and pollution) making it easier to rinse away. Follow with your favourite moisturiser and you’re good to go.


Does this sunscreen give you a white cast?

Due to the nature of non-nano Zinc Oxide, we’ve had some feedback about Clean Screen leaving more white/grey residue on the skin than a chemical sunscreen. However, applying on well-moisturised skin is an ideal way to minimise this, as is ensuring even application:

Warm a teaspoon-sized amount in your fingertips and apply five dots around the face (forehead, chin, cheeks and nose). After applying, warm over the skin by massaging outwards. This helps with distribution of the formula while ensuring even protection on all points of the face and less chance of a white residue.

Is this sunscreen Reef Safe?

Sadly, there’s currently no such thing as a truly ‘Reef Safe’ sunscreen. However, by using ‘Reef-Friendlier’ ingredients like non-nano Zinc Oxide, this is the Cleanest to Planet sunscreen we can currently make. Find out more of the facts about sunscreen and coral here.