Do you have sensitive skin?

Do you have sensitive skin?

Ever wondered why skin can suddenly become sensitive, and what you can do when that happens? You're in the right place. Read our causes and cures of skin sensitivity.

Shocker: you don’t need to have ‘sensitive skin’ to experience symptoms of sensitivity. We all, (yes, all) have the capacity for temporarily sensitive skin, whether that’s as pinpointable as a sunburn - shame on you non-SPF-wearers - or from trying out a new product that didn’t agree, or was too harsh, for our skin type - looking at you, avid exfoliators.

The good news is - you’re in the right place. 20 years ago we formulated Evercalm™, a comprehensive skincare range to target symptoms of skin sensitivity, while providing sustained relief for reactive skin. Let’s first explore what sensitive skin looks and feels like, and then match you to the products that can help.

Do you have sensitive skin?

Signs of sensitive skin.

Let’s keep it simple. If any of the below sound like your skin - you’re probably leaning toward sensitive. 
●    Redness - all over.  
You’re easily flushed or generally have a bit of a ‘ruddy’ complexion. Redness flare-ups can happen from heat, alcohol, friction with PPE or rosacea to name a few.
●    Itchiness
Find yourself scratching, with no bites or rashes? This is often a sign of continued irritation or lack of moisture.  
●    Tightness
Due to a lack of moisture, skin feels uncomfortable or you notice dry fine lines. Does your skin look crepey?
●    Beauty products sting. 
When you apply (anything, not just AHAs) they tend to sting. This can be down to the brands formula (a high fragrance/preservative inclusion) or down to your skin. 

Do you have sensitive skin?


The sensitive skin cream.

Did any of the above trigger an aha! moment? Then chances are you’ve got sensitive skin. Luckily, you're in the right place... Our best cream for sensitive skin, Global Protection Day Cream will be your go-to moisturizer with 97% saying skin immediately feels calmer during our user study. We combat tightness and itchiness through upping moisture levels with skin-nourishing oils, while our soothing ingredients actually train skin to be less reactive over time.  Antioxidants also help protect skin against pollution which could cause a flare-up. The result? An instantly more comfortable and ever-calmer complexion. 

The sensitive skin routine.

Adopting a full calming skincare routine will further help your assault on sensitivity. Cleansers which contain sulphates or aren’t pH balanced could be washing away the very moisture that keeps your skin comfortable. Our best cleansers for sensitive skin include Gentle Cleansing Gel and Gentle Cleansing Milk which melt makeup and wash away daily impurities, while keeping skin moisturised and comfortable. 

Do you have sensitive skin?

The signs of irritated skin. 

Irritated skin is the tricky one - usually it’s down to external factors or - to an extent - our own actions.
●    AHA overuse
Yes, we all want that glow, but using harsh, unbalanced AHAs can lead to stinging and localised redness - especially on tender areas like the upper cheek/eye contour. 
●    Sunburn
A no-brainer for all skin types - but sun-damaged skin can sting, itch and burn and even though this may be temporary, your skincare routine can help or hinder recovery. 
    Temperature changes
Summer heat and winter wind can shock your skin temporarily until it adjusts to the new climate. 
●    Chemicals/synthetic fragrance
Sometimes your skin doesn’t agree with certain chemicals - a good example being Oxybenzone, Octinoxate or Octocrylene in chemical sunscreens. 
●    Lifestyle factors
Smoking, excess alcohol, excess stress - they can all cause skin to ‘act up’ and whether the morning after or as part of a routine, you can take steps to promote skin recovery. 

Do you have sensitive skin?

Immediate rescue for skin soreness. 

Hero product: Ultra-Comforting Rescue Mask. Clinically proven to significantly calm, soothe and reduce skin redness after 30 minutes, it provides immediate comfort for irritated skin and a weekly calm-maintaining face mask for sensitive skin, thanks to our powerful White Mushroom (Albatrellus Ovinus) which acts like a topical painkiller. 

Temporarily irritated skin and sensitive skin alike can both benefit from Overnight Recovery Balm. Enriched with naturally derived moisturising lipids, Jojoba and Sunflower Oil Complex, applying this balm at night helps protect your skin during it’s natural regenerative process, locking in moisture to contribute to the optimal healing environment.

Dry and dehydrated skin (typical of sensitive types) can overproduce oil to compensate for dryness, leading to breakouts - applying this lightweight oil can help keep your skin in balance and break your sensitivity cycle. 

Do you have sensitive skin?

20 years of skin expertise. 

Hopefully you’ve learned a little about sensitive skin, but don’t feel chained to Evercalm™ only. In formulation, we design all products with sensitive skin in mind. pH-balanced cleansers and face exfoliators, dark spot solutions that don’t use hydroquinone, mineral-only SPFs and low levels of naturally derived fragrance. We understand approaching skincare for sensitive skin can be tricky - we’ve been doing it for two decades - so if in doubt or curious to use something new - reach out over Instagram or Customer Service and we’ll be happy to point you to the right product.