Help to protect sensitive skin from pollution

Help to protect sensitive skin from pollution

Smooth, Prep & Plump Essence, the newest addition to our Perfect Canvas range is clinically proven to protect against pollutants and help strengthen the skin barrier.

So, why is pollution protection so important, especially when it comes to sensitive skin?

Let’s delve deeper into how pollution effects your skin, and the barrier-boosting bioactive that helps to power our new postbiotic bio-ferment face essence...

How do you protect your sensitive skin from pollution?

It’s not only UV light from the sun that can cause chaos with your complexion; environmental damage also plays an important part when it comes to the causes of sensitivity, dullness, dryness, uneven skin texture and tone, discolouration and the visible signs of ageing. 

What is airborne pollution?

Simply put, air pollution is a collective term for all gases or particles that are released as a result of human activity.

Airborne pollution particles are so tiny that they travel effortlessly through the atmosphere and settle in the water and in the ground, so, no matter how hard you try, coming into contact with them at some point is unfortunately pretty unavoidable.&nbsp;</p>

How does airborne pollution cause sensitive skin?

All types of airborne pollution cause free radical damage to your skin, which in turn can cause an increase in sensitivity and even hypersensitivity. The small pollution particles can get stuck in pores, potentially causing breakouts, and if your skin barrier is compromised, they can cause damage in the deeper layers of skin, right where fine lines and wrinkles and most pigmentation form. If you have sensitive skin already, the presence of pollution particles causes the over-stimulated sensory fibres in the epidermis to become overwhelmed, which can trigger hypersensitivity.

How can you protect sensitive skin from pollution?

Although most airborne pollutants do not penetrate the skin immediately, they can cause damage to the epedermis, which eventually makes it easier for pollutants to penetrate the skin. Although our Clean Jelly Oil Cleanser is clinically proven to remove pollution particles from your skin’s surface, cleansing your face is not enough to remove the polluting particles once they have entered deeper into your skin, so the key to prevention is to stop them at the skin’s surface.

And that’s where Smooth, Prep & Plump Essence steps in...

How does Smooth, Prep & Plump Essence protect sensitive skin from pollution?

There is one key ingredient that gives Smooth, Prep & Plump Essence; its pollution protecting properties, Marrubium Extract. Extracted from the White Horehound plant (Marrubium Vulgare L, Lamiaceae), our Marrubium Extract is originally sourced from the Botanical Gardens of the University of Bologna, Italy, using Plant Cell Culture Technology. This process allows for an extract to be obtained that is exceptionally rich in Forsythoside B, a potent antioxidant, which makes Marrubium Extract clinically proven to help protect skin against pollution.

Smooth, Prep & Plump Essence is also packed with a moisture-locking bio-fermented Microbial Extract, plus bio-fermented Hyaluronic and Polyglutamic Acids, which mean that it’s clinically proven to help strengthen the skin barrier too. A more resilient skin barrier means fewer irritating pollution particles will be able to penetrate the skin’s surface, so your skin won’t just be perfectly plumped with hydration, it’ll also be stronger, luminous and healthy-looking.