Sound sun advice with Jenna Colgrove.

Sound sun advice with Jenna Colgrove.
In honor of Skin Cancer Awareness Month, we caught up with Chicago-based lifestyle and fashion blogger Jenna Colgrove, finding out how her recent Melanoma diagnosis and treatment have influenced her skincare routine, and thoughts about sunscreen and skin protection.


Tell us a little bit about your background and what made you start Visions of Vogue.

I started Visions of Vogue as a creative outlet from my day job in corporate finance. My (now) husband suggested it… little did he know he would end up becoming my photographer.

Why is sun safety important to you? 

As a recent melanoma survivor, sun safety is top of mind every single day - whether I’m going outside or not! I do not want to go through the last eight months of surgery, skin grafting, and recovery ever again. Having connected with so many other skin cancer survivors, I’m even more committed to raising awareness for how common this is!

How did you discover you had skin cancer?

I was at the dermatologist for a serum consultation. He happened to look down at my ankle and asked if he could take a closer look. After biopsying the area, test results came back positive for melanoma.



What advice would you give people concerned about skin health, or worried they might have a suspicious mole or marking?

Schedule a full body skin exam with your dermatologist annually and if you are worried about a specific mark, ASAP! 

What are your must-have suncare products? 

REN Clean Screen, a cute visor or hat, and shade! My surgical oncologist told me to become an “under the umbrella” girl and I take that to heart!


UV rays and blue light can penetrate our skin whilst we spend time at home. How are you protecting your skin during lockdown?

REN Clean Screen is part of my skincare routine every single day - whether I’m going outside or not! I also try to be as covered as possible at all times! 

Do you have any tips when it comes to suncare or protecting yourself from the sun?

Yes! Mineral sunscreens are better than chemical sunscreens because they are physical blockers and help protect your skin better! And if you’re out in the sun, make sure you are reapplying every 2 hours! And of course, stay in the shade and cover up! 

Jenna Colgrove is the creator behind Visions of Vogue. Catch up with her on Instagram @jennacolgrove