The Skin-Perfecting Partners

The Skin-Perfecting Partners
Meet the skin-perfecting pillars of your Clean Routine. Perfect Canvas is a skin-smoothing, uber-hydrating range that’s pretty in sustainable (and instagrammable) pink - but how much do you know about the ingredients? Let’s dive in and see what makes this vegan skincare range so special.

Round-the-clock cleansing.

With natural-origin ingredients and a vegan, moisturising formula, in the morning Clean Jelly Oil Cleanser is a hydrating, prepping cleanser that leaves skin soft for skincare to follow. In the evening - it’s a (clinically proven) waterproof makeup and SPF-removing powerhouse.


Why use an oil-based cleanser?

Oily or combination skin types may recoil at adding extra oil to their regime, but it’s this lipophilic cleansing that helps break down impurities and melt away dirt, makeup and pollution. Plus, the oils have skin-boosting benefits themselves. Sunflower Seed Oil helps protect skin’s moisture barrier, Meadowfoam Seed Oil is rich in Omega 3 and 6 while Grape Seed Oil helps protect against pollution and free radicals with its known antioxidant properties.


Smoother skin from first cleanse.

83% of users said skin felt dramatically smoother after using Clean Jelly Oil Cleanser. It’s down to our moisturising oils, but also added glycerin which helps maintain skin’s moisture barrier preventing water loss throughout the day. While it’s super-softening, we understand some people love a refreshing squeaky-clean feeling after removing their makeup. Sound like you? Simply follow up with Evercalm™ Gentle Cleansing Gel which will remove any balmy finish giving you that fresh feeling you’re after.


The multi-benefit makeup primer.

With many of us working from home, makeup wear may be down - but luckily Clean Primer boasts serum credentials and instant and long term skin benefits regardless of makeup. First up: 83% of people in a consumer self-evaluation who tested said “my pores remain less visible” even after 8 hours, while 93% of people said their makeup applied better to their skin instantly with 100% of people agreeing after 14 days.

When using in the morning or pre-makeup, apply 2-3 drops after moisturiser and sunscreen by patting gently across the face.


Skin-smoothing smarts.

Clean Primer’s skin-boosting benefits aren’t just for makeup. In a clinical-dermatological evaluation, after only 15 minutes 77% of women showed smoother skin and 100% of the women showed smoother skin after 28 days application. Plus, the Probiotic Extract (in this case Lactococcus Ferment Lysate) smooth the skin by encouraging surface cell renewal, while alpha-glucans have a prebiotic effect, supporting a healthy skin microbiome and acting as a barrier to help protect skin.

When using at night, apply 2-3 drops of Clean Primer after cleansing, massaging into the skin to reap it’s and hydrating benefits, then follow with your night moisturiser.