AHAs & BHAs, explained

AHAs & BHAs, explained

While these acronyms have been nevermore sought-after in the beauty market, the individual actions of Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids can cause confusion for even the most devout beauty lover. To celebrate the launch of our Limited Edition Organic Cucumber Ready Steady Glow Daily AHA Tonic, we’re talking the skin-loving credentials behind these letters, that lead to proven results just like this - 83% agreed skin looked brighter with a healthy glow immediately after use*.

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Alpha-Hydroxy Acids

AHA skincare works to exfoliate the skin surface, sloughing away dead skin cells to reveal a visibly smoother complexion. To create a daily use exfoliating toner that minimises over-sensitisation, we’ve used Lactic Acid - one of the largest molecules in the AHA family. Thanks to its robust makeup, it stays closer to the skin surface, making it a gentler alternative.

To tell the story, it’s famous sibling - Glycolic Acid - is a fabulously effective exfoliator, however it’s smaller molecular size means it penetrates deeper into the epidermis which, if used daily, has potential to cause sensitivity. We include it in weekly treatments like Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask so we’re certainly not throwing shade at this smoothing ingredient, we just wanted to create a toner that gives you brighter skin, literally by the day.

Benefits of Lactic Acid on skin

  • Helps exfoliate and revive dull-looking skin

  • Helps restore moisture, for a more plumper texture

  • Visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and pigmentation

  • Helps even overall skin tone, creating a brighter complexion

  • Gentler form of AHA, with potential for daily use

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Beta-Hydroxy Acids

The acid we use here is Salicin, a gentler form of BHA which converts to Salicylic Acid when applied. Salicylic Acid is famous for its ability to help reduce spots, and is usually applied topically, however it has the potential to be a little drying, or sensitizing for the more sensitive skin type. Still not knocking it - it’s a fabulous ingredient, it simply could cause sensitivity if applied all over, every day. Our BHA helps to dissolve dead skin cells and reduce excess sebum from pores, in turn cleansing them and consequently tightening their appearance, but letting us create a tonic that 92% said the product was gentle enough to use across their whole face*.

Benefits of Salicin on skin

  • Helps clear pores of dirt, dead skin cells and excess oil that can contribute to blemishes

  • Helps visibly tighten pore appearance

  • Gentler form of BHA, with potential for daily use

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We’ve covered the bases, but we’ve got another acid in the mix we’d be remiss not to mention. Our added Azelaic Acid Precursor, while neither AHA or BHA, can help even skin tone and contribute to a visible reduction of dark spots. With moisturizing and firming properties, plus a reduced risk of causing sensitization compared to other glow-giving acids, it adds to a winning formula that keeps Ready Steady Glow a brightening bestseller, in both its original and limited-edition format.

*Proven by a consumer study evaluation of 86 men and women 92% said the product was gentle enough to use across their whole face.