Bio-fermentation: 101

Bio-fermentation: 101

By now, we’re sure that most of you have heard of fermented ingredients? Fermented foods like kefir, kimchi and kombucha are everywhere. But have you tried fermented skincare?

For K-beauty fans, it will come as no surprise that skincare fermentation has been championed in Korea for quite some time, but now the rest of the world is catching up. While fermented foods have been shown to improve gut health and digestion, fermented ingredients in skincare work wonders when it comes to delivering plumped, glowy and healthy-looking skin.

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So, what is fermentation?

To understand fermented skincare, you need to understand fermentation. Fermentation is a technique that has been used to preserve food and drink since ancient times. Simply put, the fermentation process involves the breakdown of complex organic compounds like bacteria, yeast or fungi, into simple organic compounds through a chemical enzyme reaction. When a skincare ingredient is fermented, it magically transforms into another ingredient with supercharged skin benefits.

What are the benefits of fermented skincare?

Fermentation is science's way of magically transforming one ingredient into another. The new fermented components of the original ingredients are known as postbiotics. These metabolic by-products of the fermentation process contain additional nutrients not present in the original starting material like fatty acids, antioxidants, enzymes, and peptides, which can help to fight off free radicals, reduce redness and improve skin texture.

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Say ‘hello’ to Smooth, Prep & Plump Essence 

Smooth, Prep & Plump Essence is powered by a synergetic trio of bio-ferments, which work together to create a perfect canvas that’s perfectly plumped, protected and prepped for the day ahead.  

Let’s meet the bio-ferments... 

Bio-fermented Microbial Extract (Bacillus ferment): Sourced from the Rio Tinto, otherwise known as ‘Mars on Earth’ in Spain, the bacterial sample is fermented in its own water using biotechnology and produces sugars and proteins to become a bio-ferment. This Microbial Extract instantly plumps skin with hydration, boosts brightness and reduces the signs of redness.  

Bio-fermented Hyaluronic Acid: Fermented from wheat, this multi-molecular weight of Hyaluronic Acid is able to hydrate the different layers of the epidermis, and thanks to its humectant properties, it actively retains water in the skin, which improves hydration and smooths surface texture.  

Bio-fermented Polyglutamic Acid: A water-soluble peptide naturally found in our bodies; our Polyglutamic Acid is fermented from sugar cane. Delivering immediate and long-lasting hydration, it helps reinforce the skin’s moisture barrier, which like Hyaluronic Acid, means smoother-looking skin.