How to Choose a Face Mask

How to Choose a Face Mask

Applying a face mask or ‘masking’ is one of everyone’s favorite ways to add a touch of luxury and self-care to their skincare regime. Not only luxurious, face masks have amazing skin-boosting ingredients in concentrated forms that can provide immediate results while helping skin over time. So which mask is right for your skin?

Rule of thumb – identify your main concern with your skin (find your true skin type). Maybe it’s dullness or enlarged pores or irritation. Your main concern should inspire your choice.
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My skin wants: ALL the glow

Lack of ‘natural glow’ is a concern for almost everyone. Environment, poor nutrition, stress, and age are just a few things that can slow our skins natural ability to exfoliate. This leads to a build up of dead skin cells which clog pores, leading to blackheads, breakouts and dull skin. 

Get your glow back in  just 10 minutes, once a week, withGlycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask. This glow-giving exfoliating mask uses a few key ingredients for brighter, softer, more even-looking skin:

  • AHA’s; glycolic acid – pineapple sugar, lactic acid – passion fruit, citric acid – lemon, tartaric acid – grape. These four amazing acids help exfoliate to eliminate dead skin & promotes cell renewal. Pro tip: it's normal to feel a little tingle while wearing due to the AHA’s.

  • Papaya enzyme - helps to reduce & remove dead skin cells & texture.

  • Omega 3 & 7 – Arctic Blackcurrant Oil –  soothes sensitivity & irritation. These keep skin sensitivity in check while the mask exfoliates, leading to less irritation overall.  

The results? This skin care mask brightens, evens out the appearance of hyper-pigmentation, helps skin look firmer, smooths the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while helping the skin to lightly hydrate, soften and calm. Multi-tasking masking indeed.

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My skin wants: a deep clean

Pores & sebum – they are essential for our skin health but are a big concern especially for combination & oily skin types. Did you know sebum transports nutrients and helps protect the skin barrier? However, an excessive amount of sebum in the skin creates shininess and widens pores which can then fill with debris and bacteria.

MeetClarimatte™ Invisible Pores Detox Mask. This clay mask is designed especially to fight congestion, helping to minimize the appearance of pores, remove excess sebum while leaving skin softer, smoother and clean feeling. How does it work?

Kaolin French clay – packed with minerals, this ingredient helps to absorb excess sebum and impurities within the pore while reducing the appearance of the pore size.

Spirulina – a protein complex to nourish and re-hydrate the skin (say goodbye to other “drying” clay masks)

Lavender – a great purifier for the skin to balance skin oil production

Within 10 minutes of application this clay mask will begin to flake off, which is your cue to remove. After using you’ll notice the skin feels cleaner, pores appear tighter and skin feels less oily, but still balanced and soft. If your skin could let out a sigh of relief – it would be after wearingInvisible Pores Detox Mask.

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My skin wants: to calm down!

Sensitivity. Nearly everyone will experience sensitive skin at some point in their life. Everything from stress to lifestyle, diet & hydration, weather, dirt, pollution, and hard water can cause it. The result is redness, rough texture, dryness, itchy skin, stressed or broken capillaries and even pain. When skin gets irritated, it can actually age faster. 

How do we alleviate skin sensitivity and discomfort? Evercalm™ Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask. This mask is so special in the way that it instantly soothes and comforts while providing long-term benefits. 

This nourishing mask can be used as often as desired. Whether it is a thicker layer left on for 10-15 minutes, then rinsed or a sheer layer massaged in and left on, there is no limit when it comes to calming your skin.

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