Evercalm™: Powerfully Gentle Skincare

Evercalm™: Powerfully Gentle Skincare

Redness, itching, stinging, burning, dry patches, pain - all familiar sensations for anyone with sensitive skin. When these sensitivities flare up, discomfort can’t go away fast enough. You want something powerful to give instant relief but gentle enough for your temperamental skin. I know. I went through it. I too was in perpetual search of those magical products. Powerful and gentle… does such an oxymoron exist? In a word: Yes! Evercalm™ by REN Clean Skincare.

I battled sensitive skin for years. Creams and salve from the dermatologist gave me temporary relief, but it felt like I was using a band aid on a wound that needed stitches.

I discovered Evercalm™ through an amazing skincare advisor at Sephora 6 years ago when I had a particularly bad skin flare up. She recommended the line. “It’s real gentle and will calm all that irritation down,” she told me confidently. My angry skin instantly felt cooler and soothed after she applied the Gentle Cleansing Milk. After, she added Evercalm™ Redness Relief Serum and Evercalm™ Global Protection Day Cream,my face was much less red and, for once, not so dry. I put everything in my basket faster than I could say “sold.”

Back then, I knew little about REN Clean Skincare but was immediately converted. Clinically proven to reduce sensitivity in 21 days*, Evercalm™ gave me immediate relief like nothing else could. REN delivers products that “help the skin help itself” (aka skincare your skin would choose) and adheres to that philosophy without compromises. Every product harnesses powerful skin-loving plant actives, no harsh chemicals, and innovative formulas that respect the skin’s boundaries. Unlike other skincare for sensitive skin, Evercalm™ treats sensitivity at the source by protecting skin & its microbiome with antioxidants. Calendula, chamomile and rosemary also impart a clean scent profile that’s unmistakably Evercalm™.

Evercalm™ Global Protection Day Cream, the brand’s first Evercalm™ product, contains Global Protection Complex, a powerful antioxidant cocktail unique to REN. This complex combines 4 plant actives to protect skin: Cranberry seed oil (a powerful antioxidant), Kudzu plant extract, candle tree leaf, and golden seaweed (potent active). It was one of the first products of its kind with such powerful super soothers. This moisturizer is great for city-living and those using ingredients like Retinol or extra strength AHA/BHA.

Fun fact? Kudzu plant’s latin name Pueraria Lobata means "forever young".

Evercalm™ Gentle Cleansing Milk gives an instant calming gratification while it softly cleanses. I see its immediate impact and cooling relief on clients all the time. The rich, creamy texture feels like a soothing blanket that leaves the skin cleansed yet comforted. Chamomile, calendula and omega oils band together to hydrate. The cleanser breaks down dirt and SPF, and removes even waterproof makeup.

If you’re looking for another step, Evercalm™ Redness Relief Serum is a powerhouse that contains milk proteins, ochroleuca seaweed, arnica and wild rumex to battle irritation. Used consistently, this light and milky serum trains skin to be less sensitive over time.

The Evercalm™ range has expanded over the years to include two new powerhouse heroes,Evercalm™ Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask and Evercalm™ Overnight Recovery Balm. The rescue mask truly defines the term “powerfully gentle” and should be in every household’s ‘first aid’ skincare kit. Clients have said that it can solve almost any skin ailment… from dryness, to burns to swollen bug bites (that’s in addition to the ultra-calming effects it provides to ultra sensitive skin).

The newest in the Evercalm™ family, Overnight Recovery Balm, is already making waves with its innovative skin care for dry skin formula - treating dry skin each night so clients wake up to softer, more even skin.

Each Evercalm™ product works amazingly by itself. But if you have reactive skin, using the products together compounds the anti-inflammatory and reparative properties that leads to faster results. Used together, they provide a sensitive skin reset for all skin types experiencing the chronic pains of skin sensitivity.

For me, Evercalm™ was the magic skin elixir my sensitive skin was yearning for. Using the product regularly taught me to understand my own skin even better.