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Reducing waste: our formula repack.

Reducing waste: our formula repack.

Our formulas are getting an even-cleaner makeover.

We pledged to go Zero Waste by 2021 - and we’re sticking by it. By revisiting our product packaging we can reduce cardboard, formula and plastic waste. Plus give them a makeover in the process. Here’s an update on our Clean to Planet initiative.

Reducing waste: our formula repack.

Cleansers, unboxed.

Looking good naked ain’t easy - but our cleansers do. We’ve ditched the box entirely, cutting down on cardboard waste. For the rest of our range, we still need the box to display legal info and do’s and don’ts. So we’ll keep you updated on which of our products are coming out of the cardboard along the way.


Reducing waste: our formula repack.

New pump, new label.

We’ve removed double labels, so you’ll find all the info you need on the new single-layer label or outer box. And check out our pump. We’ve remade them to save formula (and save you money) by making sure they dispense every drop. They’re still airless - keeping your formula protected and ever-efficient

Reducing waste: our formula repack.

Skincare smarts.

Our customers are smart. They know what ingredients to avoid and they know their AHAs from their hyaluronic acid. We’ve displayed our key bioactives on the box so you know what you’re getting. We’ve updated our 'NO' logo so you know what you’re not getting. And we’ve made sure to include VEGAN stamps so your skincare can fit with your lifestyle.

Reducing waste: our formula repack.

Brand new look.

Oh and did we forget to mention - they look great. Gone are our mismatched sizes, and here are our beauty #shelfie ready moisturisers. We’ll be phasing them in across stores and online throughout the year - so keep your eye out and tag your new-look product online. 

Stay tuned for exciting news and as always - please recycle. 

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