Sleep your way to better skin.

Sleep your way to better skin.

It’s no secret: sleep affects your skin in a big way. And, it's not just the quality of your eight hours, but the skincare you use to the cleanliness of your bed linen. Let’s take a look at some steps you can take to boost your beauty sleep, and fall asleep faster in the first place.

Cleansing is critical. 

Guilty of going to bed with makeup on? You’re not alone. After a wild night it can be tempting to forgo proper cleansing, but having your face pressed to the pillow with makeup, SPF, and environmental pollution build-up, not to mention excess sebum and sweat, is a big no-no. Not only will it wreak havoc on your pillowcases, but this buildup can potentially clog pores leading to breakouts, while pollution on skin can cause premature aging. 

Our advice? Use a clinically proven skin cleanser like Clean Jelly Oil Cleanser to melt makeup (even waterproof) and SPF before rinsing it all away in one step. If you enjoy that ultra-fresh, foaming face-wash feeling, include Evercalm™ Gentle Cleansing Gel< after as your double cleanse. 

Night-time brightening. 

Everyday exfoliation is key to a smoother complexion, but it can make your skin more sensitive to the sun. While you can combat this with Clean Screen SPF 30, we recommend using your exfoliating acids at night when you’re less likely to be in the light. Overnight Glow Dark Spot Sleeping Cream is clinically proven to reduce dark spots after 7 days.* This face product won’t make you more sensitive to the sun, and its rich texture is perfect for PM hydration.  

Protect your skin's recovery.

The skin starts to regenerate at night, but this delicate recovery phase can be interrupted by external factors like air conditioning and central heating that can potentially wick away the skin’s moisture. Overnight Recovery Balm to the rescue. Formulated with a complex of lipid-rich Olive, Almond, Borage and Linseed oils, they act as a hydrating blanket over skin during it’s nighty regeneration. 

The oils themselves have been enzymatically activated helping them to sink into the skin more quickly and easily, making for a lightweight and pillow-friendly formula. As part of our skincare for sensitive skin line, this Recovery Balm has added Beta-Glucans to help soothe any sensitivity that may have been encountered during the day from sun damage to environmental pollution. 

Scent yourself to sleep. 

Of course, there’s little point talking about in-sleep skincare if you’re struggling to switch off in the first place. In & Now To Sleep Pillow Spray, we rely on the mind-calming scents of Lavender, Hops and Frankincense to help you quiet your thoughts and create a space synonymous with sleep - especially if your bedroom has now become your home office. Simply spray it on your pillow, linens or fresh PJs to feel a sense of calm. 

Sleep-promoting Frankincense also appears in our V-Cense™ Revitalising Night Cream. A rich night moisturizer with known antioxidant Vitamin C and Wheatgerm. This Vitamin C skincare product helps to firm skin and helps to combat the first signs of aging - all while you sleep. Massage over the skin and breathe deeply to enjoy the relaxing benefits of Frankincense, and, if using with Overnight Recovery Balm, apply it first and follow up with your Night Cream. 

*Evaluated by an expert assessment during a clinical trial.