This Black Friday - we’re giving back.

This Black Friday - we’re giving back.
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are some of the busiest (albeit craziest) shopping days of the year. For all intents and purposes - they’re great. Allowing shoppers to make a dent in their Christmas shopping, with a little less impact on the wallet. But all this shopping can have a pretty big impact on the planet, if we let it that is.

With physical and online retailers - and we hold our hands up - pumping out more orders than ever, there’s more plastic, cardboard and an increased carbon footprint thanks to all those extra deliveries. So while we get our bargains (yay) we also get a lot more waste (nay). That’s why we’re taking some small steps to minimize, and to an extent reverse, the effects of all that Black Friday fever.


Black Friday Cleanup.

When we say ‘we’re’ giving back - we really mean it. Our team at REN Clean Skincare will be out in force, during a dedicated clean up in 2019. And for every order we take during Black Friday period, we’re adding another minute to our cleanup. We want to raise awareness that while yes we’re all putting more plastic out there, it doesn’t have to end up in our environment or waterways. And we’ll have a cleaner planet in the process. You can keep track of our progress on our homepage, with our built in Cleanup Counter.





Reuse and recycle (please).

We don’t want to sound like a broken record (and we realise we’re on the cusp of doing so) but if we recycle, or reuse, the packaging we get during Black Friday - then we can all enjoy our Black Friday discounts in a planet-friendlier way. How’s that for meeting in the middle? Recycle our packaging when you're done, reuse our boxes to hold your Christmas cards, presents, socks or stationery. Whatever you do, just don’t chuck it in the trash, pretty please.





Our clean donation.

We’ll also be giving back in a more monetary sense, too. On Giving Tuesday we’ll donate $5 from each order to our charity partner, The Surfrider Foundation, who work to keep oceans, waves and beachs clean around the USA. We’ll give you more details of this down the line but for the meantime, enjoy Black Friday and Cyber Monday, responsibly.